How to Track Expenses with PonyApp

PonyApp Pro-Tip:

How to Track Expenses

Horses are expensive, from farrier to vet bills, to board, training and equipment, we all know what a huge investment horses are. It's important to track your horses's expenses for a number of reasons and there's no better place to do it than PonyApp.

Step One

Select your horse

Go to your stable and select the horse that you want to add an expense to

Step Two

Select the "Expense"category

Scroll to the third category and select "expense" to navigate to the horse's expense log.

Step Three

Select the "+ Icon"

Select the plus icon in the upper right corner to add a new expense

Step Four

Fill out the expense amount

Complete the field to specify the expense amount.

Step Five

Name the expense

Expenses might include: board, veterinary bills, purchase price, etc.

PonyApp Pro-Tip:

Premium Expense Features

Supercharge your expense reports by adding photos and receipts to expenses. This super feature is included in your PonyApp pro feature.

Premium Feature #1

Attach receipt/photo to expense

Attach photos and receipts to every expense to get organized

Premium Feature #2

Export expense photos and receipts

Need to forward important receipts to your owners, clients, or accountant? Upgrade to premium for a seamless export process

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