Eugenio Garza

Eugenio Garza
Eugenio Garza
Q: "What is your favorite part about the horse world?"

Eugenio: "​To me, the best part of the horse world is being able to work with another living being day to day towards a common goal. I think theres something really special with building relationships with your horses. No two days are the same in our sport and that is something that keeps it really interesting for me.

Q: "What was the best round of your life?"

Eugenio: "The best round of my life would have to be in October of 2017 in the 5* Rolex Grand Prix of Tryon. We were supposed to do Armani but he suffered a small injury before and had to replace him with Bariano. Bariano was my long time partner with whom i jumped children classes. I think we both were a bit out of our comfort zone and our whole team had very little expectations. We finished up second behind then #1 rider in the world, Kent Farrington. It was a very special result because of the long relationship and history I had with that horse.

Q: "If you had to be a professional athlete in another sport what would it be and why?"

Eugenio: "​I would have to say I would try to be an american football player. It is a sport I have always been interested in and admired but never really had the time to pursue it. I played as a little kid and really enjoyed it. I also really like thecamaraderie feeling that comes with being in such a close knit team. I think thats something that our sport could use.

Q: "What is your favorite horse show of all time?"

Eugenio: "Dublin, Ireland. The experience at Dublin was by far the most amazing one I have had. Its such a prestigious show with an unreal atmosphere.”

Q: "If you could win any Grand Prix in the world which one would you win? "

Eugenio: "Aachen or Geneva”

Q: "How do you stay in shape for the show ring?"

Eugenio: "In Wellington I go to the gym with Mike Barthelemy who created Limitless Performance group. They have a physical therapist, a chiropractor, and masseuse who are all great. I have a bad back and they have really helped me with that and other injuries as well.”

Q: "If you got injured for a season and had to have a top rider campaign your horses, who would you trust? "

Eugenio: "Would definitely trust my trainer, Carlos Myrrha, before any top rider. I think he is an incredible rider. If I had to chose a top rider then I would love to see McLain Ward. I think he is an amazing horseman.”

Q: "If you could pick a walk up song to play as you enter the GP ring, which song would it be?"

Eugenio: "Jubel by Klingande or Backseat Summer by DjRoit

Q: "What is a quote that you live by and why?"

Eugenio: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca This quote was told to me by my older brother David when i was really young and I have lived by it ever since. The harder you work and prepare for something, the luckier you seem to get. Its a great motivator to know that your hard work and dedication will pay off.”

Q: "What motivates you on a day to day basis?"

Eugenio: "​I would have to say that would motivates me day to day would be seeing my whole team of trainers, grooms, parents, and vets work tirelessly to have the horses in the best shape. Without them this would not be possible and it really drives me to work harder and produce results for them as a means of paying back.

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