Carlos Hank

Q: "What is your favorite part about the horse world?"

Carlos: "My favorite part would be getting to travel to so many new places and meeting so many amazing people. It brings you together with people and cultures from all over the world and brings you together through the sport. ”

Q: "What was the best round of your life?"

Carlos: "My best round would be going double clear in the CSI 5* 1.60 class in Spruce Meadows. It qualified me for the Queens Cup Grand Prix which was my first time jumping a 5* Grand Prix. ”

Q: "If you had to be a professional athlete in another sport what would it be and why?"

Carlos: "If horses were out of the picture, I would love to be a professional basketball player because I played all my life growing up. I’ve always been very tall and had an advantage in that, and I think basketball players are very impressive athletes.”

Q: "Do you have any superstitions or lucky items you swear by?"

Carlos: "I have a very old lucky coin that I’ve had all my life in my wallet. It was given to my by my grandfather and it belonged to my ancestors in Spain hundreds of years ago.”

Q: "If you could win any Grand Prix in the world which one would you win? "

Carlos: "I think as many others would say, for sure the Grand Prix that I would most like to win is Aachen. I’ve been there to watch and it is different from any horse show in the world.”

Q: "Tell us more about your top horse."

Carlos: "My top horse at the moment is called Just The Music. I started riding him in November of last year, so I don’t know him completely yet, but in our first International show together we were 4th in the CSI 3* Grand Prix of La Silla. I think he is the horse of a lifetime, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. He is a big horse, but extremely agile and hot.”

Q: "If you got injured for a season and had to have a top rider campaign your horses, who would you trust? "

Carlos: "I would trust my current string of horses to Scott Brash. I think that apart from being a top rider, he has incredible horsemanship and an amazing plan for his horses. He also produced one of my top horses, Sunshine since he was 7 to Grand Prix classes, so he already knows him well.”

Q: "How many horses do you typically ride per day?"

Carlos:  I currently have 9 horses in my string, and I usually ride 6 every day. I like to rotate them and let my trainer, Eduardo Menezes ride them quite a bit.

Q: "What comes easiest to you with riding?"

Carlos: "I think one of the things that I’ve always been good at is being able to keep horses calm. I’ve ridden many horses with a lot of blood and I’ve always managed to get along with them.”

Q: "How do you stay in shape for the show ring?"

Carlos: "During season when I’m in Florida I try to go train at least 3-4 times a week in a place called Athletes Advantage. I also try to play basketball once a week with a group of friends.”

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