May 13: The PonyWorld Weekly

Quote of the Week

“We are just taking everything one day at a time. He owes me nothing at this point, so we are just having fun—he feels too good to stop now!”

 —He’s baaaaack… our Co-Founder, Lucy Davis, on her Olympic silver medal-winning partner Barron’s return to the show ring this week during the Old Salem Spring Series in New York. You can follow their comeback tour here!

Lucy DavisLucy Davis & Barron at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (c) Jenny Abrahamsson/World of Show Jumping

The Queen Steps Out at the Royal Windsor Horse Show  

The Story

Move over royal baby: it’s been a big week for the Buckingham Palace crowd, but for our money, the real excitement was the Queen’s visit to the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Tell Me More

The royal family has long enjoyed a relationship with this particular equestrian event, beginning with King George V, who christened the first edition way back in 1943. (Fun fact: that same year, a dog stole a piece of food from the king’s plate, resulting in a show-wide pooch-ban that still exists today.) Since that time, the royal family has been both spectators and participants at Windsor, including HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, who competed in the International Driving Grand Prix, and lifelong owner/rider Queen Elizabeth, herself.

Did Queen-E Compete This Year?

If you mean Australia's Edwina Tops-Alexander, then no—she was elsewhere (more on that below)—but Queen Elizabeth did enter a homebred filly, Hampton Court Margin, who took top honors in the Cleveland Bay class on Wednesday. The Queen, 93, also got chummy with 10-time gold medalist Valegro, and sat cheerfully through several classes in the rain. What a gal.

Queen ElizabethThe Queen is all smiles at the Royal Windsor Horse Show (c) Max Mumby/Getty Images
What Else Happened?

Valegro’s other-half, Charlotte Dujardin (GBR), took top honors with the borrowed Erletanz in both the Al Shira’aa Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. The Working Hunters were apparently really hard, with just two rounds out of 45 jumping clear. Oh, and Sweden’s Henrik von Eckermann & Toveks Mary Lou proved they’re still in top form, taking home the Rolex Grand Prix on Sunday.

PonyApp Take

Next up on the European horse show calendar: attention shifts across the channel to Western France and Longines International Jumping La Baule—the first leg of the European Division 1 FEI Nations Cup™ series. The stage is set for an epic show down between the Irish, French, German, and British teams along with 2018 WEG Champions, #TeamSwitzerland, and 2018 Longines FEI Nations Cup™ Champions, #TeamBelgium. Who will lead off with 100 coveted points toward the rest of the season? We’ll know soon enough.

Piggy French Badminton

Henrik von Eckermann & Toveks Mary Lou  (c) Royal Windsor Horse Show

If You Can Only Watch One Round…

Watch Beezie Beat the Field (and the Rain!) in the Old Salem Farm Grand Prix

Somewhere around here, there’s a Dr. Seuss-worthy rhyme to be had about that fact that…

Beezie Madden wins indoors and out,

Beezie Madden wins on horses tall and horses stout.

Beezie Madden can win after long rides on a plane,

Beezie Madden can win while jumping in the rain… And that, friends, is where we’ll leave it—enjoy!


Good Reads 

A Mother’s Day Q&A with Hart Farm’s Emma & Dana Callanan-Hart

Part coach and student, part walking comedy duo, trainer Dana Callanan-Hart and daughter Emma discuss horses like lifelong professionals, bicker—good-naturedly—almost constantly, and have yet to reach a consensus about underwear lines and breeches. But they’re also a super example of a family unit, out there making it work amid the sport’s highs and lows, and above all, always keeping horses at the forefront.


PonyApp Preferred Products

The Reviews Are In: Dover Saddlery®’s Wellesley Breeches

PonyApp U25 Ambassador Daisy Farish calls them “super comfortable.” Auburn University’s Caitlin Boyle likes their material and fit. If you haven’t tried Dover Saddlery®’s Wellesley Knee-Patch Breeches yet, the time to procrastinate your workday with some extended, online #ROOTD shopping might be now. (You didn’t hear that from us, but here’s the link. Shhhh.)

(c) Dover Saddlery 

Pony Social

Heels Down, Edwina! Inca Boy Is Back in Top Form

After enjoying a few months of R&R in the first third of the 2019 season, Edwina Top-Alexander’s high-jumping Inca Boy Van T Vianahof hit his stride in Valkenswaard this week during his first show back on the circuit. And if you had any lingering questions about his fitness or feelings on the matter, you can be sure Inca Boy is not hiding anything—landing gear up!

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