Top-7 Countdown: Our Favorite Moments From the 2019 Longines Masters of New York

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Longines Masters New York, We Had a Blast

We came. We saw. We ponied. And we, like everyone else in attendance, had one heck of a time at the second edition of the Longines Masters of New York. From boundary-pushing debut classes (oh heyyy IHSA Metropolitan Equitation Invitational!) to Grand Prix winner Nayel Nassar's heel-clicking happy dance (more of this, please) and even McLain Ward's sad face (you'll ride Lily's pony next year, McLain!) we're thrilled to have been such a big part of the Masters' second, EPIC year. In fact, we had SO much fun, we can't sum it up for you in words, so (**drum roll please**) we're counting down our 8, favorite New York Masters Insta moments below. We'll see you next year, New York! 


Mclain Ward BLOWS IT

Here's a lesson on how to get ahead. Young pony rider Lily from Epic Farm, CT pulled a total power move by holding up this sign for McLain at the Grand Prix. The high-stakes proposition totally derailed McLain's plan, and it looks like Nael Nassar has earned a new ride on a top mount. Sorry, Mclain.


Lucy Davis Goes Viral

The multi-talented Olympian Lucy Davis showed her ability to get out there and #DEMANDMOREPONIES from the public at large. While the responses on the street were lukewarm, at best, the horse community absolutely loved the segment. If you haven't already seen it, go watch. 


Nayel Nassar Is Grade-A #CUTEPONYBOY!!!

There we were, just minding our own business in the stables, when five-star Grand Prix winner Nael Nassar returned from the press conference. We caught a happy-pony-boy-victory-gallop on camera that will definitely go down in #ponyhistory as one of the CUTEST THINGS EVER!


PonyApp (almost) wins the PonyApp Class!

Three PonyApp riders were in the PonyApp 1.40m speed on Thursday and it was pretty much the most important class next to the 5* Grand Prix. Co-Founder Lindsay Douglass went for the win but settled for second place after Katherine Strauss. (Next year we're aiming for a triple podium!)


IHSA, I'm not crying, You're Crying!

PonyApp was a big supporter of the inclusion of the IHSA Equitation Showcase in the New York Masters schedule and it turned out to be a total highlight. From the winner of the class shedding a tear on the podium, to hearing the president of the IHSA say that it was the best thing that ever happened to the IHSA, we're SO HAPPY to have been a part of connecting the top sport with the IHSA!


Longines Masters listens to its athletes

Last year was the first year of the Longines New York Masters, and it's incredible to see how many improvements there were this year. They shipped in footing from Europe, built a massive warm-up ring outside, and moved all the stables inside (they were fancy!). It's awesome to be part of a show that listens to its athletes. Let's just say our entries are already in for next year!


There was a Pony Throne

Honestly, it's kind of amazing that PonyApp didn't design the thing. Hats off to Longines Masters for creating a plush-pony-throne. It was incredible. 


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