CWD Mademoiselle: Pick-Your-Own-Piping Is Just One of the Reasons This Bridle Shines

Comfort. Fit. Performance. These are the qualities that top rider fans of CWD Sellier have come to associate with the line’s globally renowned saddle line. They're also the attributes that makeup CWD’s popular Mademoiselle Anatomic French Noseband Bridle with Stitching ($630). 

(c) CWD Sellier

If you haven’t ridden in a CWD bridle yet, prepare to be impressed. Featuring a sleek, anatomical design, the Mademoiselle bridle combines comfort and ergonomics, with a thoughtfully designed headpiece, calfskin-lined noseband, and memory foam padding to reduce pressure on your horse’s neck. In addition, the bridle’s flash noseband is removable, with hook fastenings and semi-round leather accented with a classic, stitched motif. Finally, CWD Mademoiselle bridles are 100 percent vegetable-tanned, meaning they’re both biodegradable and environmentally friendly—not to mention buttery-soft. 

(c) CWD Sellier

The best part: you can truly make the Mademoiselle your own by selecting one of 11 accent colors for the bridle’s headpiece, noseband, and browband piping. Stay classic with tan or black piping, or make your own statement with fuchsia, bright blue, or (PonyApp!) orange, above—the choice is up to you.

Top your masterpiece off with a pair of specially designed CWD Reins ($190) and you’ll be ready to ride to the top of your next class—and look great while doing it!

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